Quantitative methods

for large-scale data gathering

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These survey-based methods enable you to collect data from lots of people, relatively quickly. The large sample size means the results are generalisable, enabling you to draw conclusions about trends and patterns.

Quantitative research is a great way to find out what people think about a subject, what they understand about it and what their preferences are; but it won’t tell you ‘why?’ It will help you find out ‘if’ something works, but not ‘how’ or ‘why’ it works. For such detail and depth of insight, you need a qualitative study.

Quantitative methods include:

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Postal surveys

Based on a thorough assessment of your requirements, we design an effective survey to provide the answers you need, using proven strategies and questioning techniques. We manage the distribution of the survey and the collation of results, as well as all data entry and subsequent analysis. The preferences of the people you wish to target will determine whether or not postal surveys are the best option.

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Online surveys

The online survey design process is the same as for postal surveys, but we use efficient online tools to distribute the questionnaires and collate the results. This method requires less manual data entry and can be completed within a shorter timeframe than postal surveys. Online surveys are the preferred option for many population groups, providing an accessible, fast and simple way to collect the data. However, they are only suitable for a computer-literate target audience with reliable internet access.

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Mixed Research Methods

By choosing a mix of quantitative and qualitative research you get a set of results which give you a greater insight.


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Qualitative Research

Lets you explore an issue or subject in detail and gives you an in-depth view of opinions and attitudes.



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