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The expertise we have built up over many years working in academic research roles has enabled us to hone our expertise in every aspect of professional research and evaluation.

That means we can offer a range of research support services, either as part of larger research programmes or as stand-alone services to help you advance your understanding of a topic, target group or community.

Our research support services include:

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Literature reviews

Extensive knowledge-gathering on your topic

If you need to gain a detailed understanding of the existing knowledge, current policy, good practice and opinion on a given topic, we can carry out a thorough review of all existing literature on the subject. We have access to a wide range of databases of recent and past research, policy documents, as well as ‘grey’ (unpublished) literature and research reports.

We analyse the data for you using narrative and thematic synthesis techniques. This review will help you to understand the very latest thinking, policy and practice on your subject, based on all available evidence, as well as anything that has been documented about the subject in the past.

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Professionally facilitated group discussions

Workshops can be a valuable way to integrate diverse groups or bring together different stakeholders to share ideas and experiences in a structured setting. Usually larger than focus groups, workshops can be used at different stages of a research programme for a range of purposes, depending on your requirements.

For example, a workshop could be used at the outset of a programme to identify the priorities and key issues to be investigated. Or a workshop could be used at the end of a project to bring representative groups together to assess the findings, identify solutions and define a way forward.

We can work with you to convene and deliver a workshop with your key stakeholders to explore an issue or topic in depth, using our expertise to draw out opinions, ideas and expectations in a constructive manner.

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Funding applications

Getting your project off the ground

Securing funding is the essential first step for most research and evaluation projects. We can work closely with you to write and submit high-quality applications for funding – giving you the best possible chance of accessing the money you need to fund your project.

We have a proven track record of securing funding from a variety of providers, such as the National Institute for Health Research, Government bodies, research councils including the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), and charities.

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Securing approvals

Clearing the way for your research project

Many research studies require approvals from regulatory bodies before they can proceed, particularly in the health and social care sectors. Based on our vast experience, we can advise you on whether or not your project requires approvals, and can then help you secure the necessary permissions.

In the health sector you will need Ethics approval, as well as Research and Development permission. We can complete and submit all necessary paperwork, saving you time and effort. This gives you the peace of mind that all applications are submitted correctly and that all required approvals are in place to legitimise your study.

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Mixed Research Methods

By choosing a mix of quantitative and qualitative research you get a set of results which give you a greater insight.


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At Valid Research, we bring high-quality academic research protocols to bear in challenging real-world scenarios where results are often needed urgently. We can provide a complete end-to-end service.



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